Solvent Liquidation


A parent company or investor is seeking an exit from its underperforming or non-core subsidiary/investment and requires assistance with business closure or downsizing initiatives and assessment of key risks, likely costs and management’s capabilities to carry out an exit

What do we do?

  • understand reasons for underperformance, and assess merits and risks of turnaround, sale or stepped closure
  • preparation of detailed wind-down strategy, including review of key contracts, commercial considerations, operational risks and assessment of financial impact, including costs
  • manage the implementation of the wind-down strategy, including assistance in negotiating contract termination settlements, managing reduced activity levels to minimise costs, identify employee issues, realisation of assets and mitigation of liabilities
  • finalise accounting and tax issues

What are the benefits to the client?

  • The exit of underperforming/non-core businesses can improve overall corporate performance
  • Provide expertise to management teams which lack experience in dealing with business closures
  • Outsourcing the management of a wind-down enables management to focus on the core business

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