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Distressed Corporate Advisory

The business is experiencing financial distress, lenders have moved the client’s account into their ‘workout’ group, and there has been a change in the lenders expectations.

The company requires expertise to manage and assist with the recovery of the business

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Stakeholder Advisory

Our involvement is often triggered by business underperformance, the need for additional funding and covenant breaches

We act for major banks, asset-based lenders, private equity firms, major suppliers or customers, private lenders, parent companies and other stakeholders, where they have concerns over their exposure to a particular company

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Formal Insolvency Proceedings

The business is unable to continue to trade in the normal course of business due to cash flow constraints, creditor pressure, withdrawal of funding

To protect the value of the business and assets it can be necessary to seek the protection of a formal insolvency process which Dodick & Associates can provide

The process can be used to achieve a financial restructuring of the company where it is overburdened with debt

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Solvent Liquidation

A parent company or investor is seeking an exit from its underperforming or non-core subsidiary/investment and requires assistance with business closure or downsizing initiatives and assessment of key risks, likely costs and management’s capabilities to carry out an exit