Executor/Trustee For Hire


  • You have a complex family situation and require an independent Executor/Trustee to act in the best interests of the Estate and to ensure the desires expressed in the Will and trusts are carried out with sensitivity, professionalism, and objectivity.
  • You don’t have someone you can trust, or that has the necessary skills, to administer the Estate, or you want to ease the burden on loved ones at a difficult time and would prefer hiring an independent Executor/Trustee.
  • You are the Executor/Trustee, but you are overwhelmed, are concerned about personal liability, or reside outside the Province and require professional assistance.
  • You want to appoint as Executor/Trustee a family member or close friend, but don’t want to burden them with time consuming administrative tasks, or are struggling with a challenging family situation, and want a co-Executor/Trustee to act alongside your appointee to assist in the administration.
  • Litigation is preventing the named Executor(s)/Trustee(s) from acting independently and the Estate requires a substitute Executor/Trustee be named by the Court to administer the Estate and trusts, and to protect the assets, until the litigation concludes.

What do we do?

  • We are a group of trustworthy, objective, experienced, seasoned professionals who administer Estates for a living.
  • We have extensive knowledge in accounting, legal, tax and Estate administration.
  • We take possession for safekeeping, and sell assets, of all types, including securities, real estate, vehicles, businesses, and personal property, for the benefit of the Estate’s beneficiaries.
  • We administer all Estate record keeping, tax filings, bill payments and distributions to beneficiaries.
  • We can act as Power of Attorney over property and provide impartial empathetic support.

What are the benefits?

  • We can make fair decisions when there are complex family dynamics.
  • We are accustomed to matters involving litigation and can assist in finding resolutions to disputes.
  • We can act alongside an Executor as a Co-Executor/Trustee or can be named as an alternate Executor/Trustee if the initial Executor/Trustee is unwilling or unable to fulfill his/her responsibilities, to provide peace of mind that the Estate will be administered in a professional manner.
  • While acting as agent for the Estate, our services can be used by the Executor/Trustee “a la carte” and tailored to the needs of the Estate. We can provide a full range of support.
  • Our services are less costly than those of a trust company.
  • We can act for Estate’s of all sizes; no Estate is too big or too small.
  • Our focus is to act efficiently to maximize realizations for the Estate’s beneficiaries.
  • We maintain ongoing communication with all parties involved in the Estate.