Whatswhat, Inc.

Whatswhat, Inc’s (“Whatswhat”) primary business was the development, marketing and operation of a website and mobile application that would provide users with a curated list of restaurants, attractions and events in their city.  On May 28, 2015 an application was made by Russell Tench for an order that Whatswhat be adjudged bankrupt.  On June16, 2015 the Superior Court of Justice made a bankruptcy order (“Bankruptcy Order”) against Whatswhat and Dodick Landau Inc. was appointed Trustee in Bankruptcy.  Pursuant to the Bankruptcy Order, a stay of proceedings was initiated and all proceedings against Whatswhat were stayed as of the date of filing of the Bankruptcy Order.  On July 14, 2015 Dodick Landau Inc., in its capacity as Bankruptcy Trustee of Whatswhat, filed with the Official Receiver a proposal in the name, and on behalf, of Whatswhat (the “Proposal”), and Dodick Landau Inc. was named Proposal Trustee.  A meeting of the Creditors to consider the Proposal was held on July 30, 2015 and at this meeting the creditors voted in favour of the Proposal.  On August 12, 2015 the Court issued an order approving the Proposal and vesting the right, title and interest in the purchased assets in, and to, the Purchaser.