JJK Print Inc.

JJK Print Inc. (“JJK” or the “Company”) operated as a flexible package label printer in Leamington, Ontario.  Its major offering was printed Topseal, a thin clear film that can be printed by the flexo process. Other product offerings included high-quality printed labels, food safe PLU labels, and blank labels for use on boxes and print ribbon.

JJK filed an assignment in bankruptcy on September 20, 2022 under the provisions of section 49 of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act. Dodick Landau Inc. was appointed Trustee in Bankruptcy in this proceeding. As a result of the bankruptcy, a stay of proceedings has been initiated and all proceedings against the Company are stayed as of the date of bankruptcy.  The first meeting of creditors took place on October 7, 2022.


Certificate of Appointment – September 20, 2022

Preliminary Report – October 6, 2022